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I Desperately Need Money to Help Pay My Bills!

I am a single grandmother and I've recently experienced situations beyond my control which has resulted in my getting behind in my mortgage and car payments. I recently experienced a death in the family and we had to pool family resources in order to make the arrangements. In addition, I am a special education teacher who has experienced two pay cuts in the last year as well as no pay raises for the past seven years. Not even cost of living increases. In an attempt to keep my head above water and replenish the family funds, I began borrowing money in order to try and keep up with my bill payments and now I am struggling to keep up with it all! I can't seem to catch up! I feel so helpless! Right now, I am in desperate need of money to catch up with my mortgage payments and my car note. I want to keep my home. I currently have my two year old grandson living me. He is a treasure! I'm almost finished paying for my car, but have gotten behind with the payments. Please, I hope you can help me. I will appreciate any donations that you can give. Right now I feel so helpless, but I knew that there were good people with good hearts out there who might be able to help me, but I feel so embarrassed to have to ask. On the other hand, I know that if I were able, I would do the same to help others who asked. This is why I am at this site, sincerely asking for your help. I just need some help to get back on my feet. I have not even mentioned my other bills, but feel that if I can get help with my mortgage and car note, that it will really help in my attempts to catch up with all my bills. Right now, I don't see any way out! I am out of money and resources. Every pay day, my bills exceed my paycheck. I currently owe $1,782 in mortgage payments and $926.00 in car payments. If you chose to pay the money directly to the creditors, that would be a HUGE blessing! In all sincerity, I will appreciate whatever you can contribute. May God Bless You!

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