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What if you could receive a small donation in your time of need? Now what if you received many donations - big and small - for as long as you wanted? Cyber Begging legal, ethical and most importantly it WORKS!

We all need a little help at some point in our lives, and your story should be heard. Whether you're swamped in bills, or are just desperate for financial help, now's your chance to receive donations from people worldwide using the power of the Internet!

Are you familiar with the concept of "Cyber Begging"? It's not a new concept, and people have been using it world-wide to help pay bills, finally get out of dept, and get their lives back in order.

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  • 100% legal, ethical, and effective.
  • Help pay bills and improve your life.
  • Your plea will be read by the internet community 24\7.
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  • Here's What We Do:
  • We create your very own webpage for you, with your own URL address. This webpage will be listed in our members listing where everyone on the Internet can view it.
  • Your webpage will contain the information you submit to us, including a main headline and however many paragraphs you wish to write explaining your financial situation so people can reach out to you.
  • Your webpage will be up and online right away, and you will be able to start receiving donations from people online who are out there looking to help. It's a great and proven system and it works!

    "Like a lot of people, I lost my job last year. Bills built up and quickly life at home just wasn't working anymore. I lost my wife and consequently my kids, and every day was a struggle. Donations from people online are one thing that have helped me get everything back in order and things are looking up! It was a great investment."

    Jason Miller - Boston, MA

    What seperates from similar websites?

    Unlike other Cyber Beg websites, especially free ones, we invest a massive amount into ensuring that our members see results. We care about keeping you with us, and take the necessary steps to make sure you get the donations you're looking for. This includes ensuring that stays as one of the very highest ranking websites on all major search engines.

    As well, we list all of our member pages in the popular search engines such as google, to drive up more traffic to your listing. In order for people to feel your needs and respond with donations, they need to see your plea. Listing with us is the absolute best way to ensure that.

    We take absolutely no percentage of your donations. There is no middle man; all donations made to you go directly to you via PayPal, which you can then transfer to your bank account. We'll even help you with the free PayPal registration if you don't already have an account.

    I'm ready to get started on my member page NOW!

    "Looking through your listings it's hard not to feel for some of the stories you read about people who are down on their luck. I try to give to these people in hopes that it helps and makes a difference. It's almost impossible to read these stories and not want to help. I think your website is doing a great job for those who need it. Thank you on behalf of everyone involved."

    Mary-Ann Liles - Eugene, OR

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    Cyber Begging website for cyber beggers! Get your own homepage here and receive donations. Get out of debt and make money by cyberbegging.
  •   Every day millions of people use the internet, many of whom are generous and want to help out.

    Your story needs to be heard in order for people to feel what you are dealing with in life.

    Join to create your own webpage on today to get your plea out to the massive online community.

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    Chicago Sun-Times:
    Cyber Begger scores $17,000 to pay off debt

    As Seen on ABC News 20/20
    Cyberbegging news story
    See the video: click here

    Attention Donators:

    Our members have reached out for help when they need it the most. Please find it in your heart to reach back.

    Your donation can mean so much, even if it's just a little.

    There is no middle man. 100% of your donation goes exactly where you want it to go: to someone who has reached out for help in life.

    Depending on your ability to give, instead of giving $100 to one person, why not look through the listings and maybe give $20 to five, or $10 to ten.

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